(Taken from Low Bridge!: Folklore & The Erie Canal, by Lionel Wyld)

Attend all ye drivers, I sing of my team;
They’re the fleetest and strongest that ever was seen.
There is none will toil with such speed down the crick
Or start at the word of the driver so quick.

There’s Dandy, my leader, looks boldly ahead
With his tail raised aloft, and majestic his tread.
He has a bright, shining coat of a beautiful bay;
His eyes sparkle bright as the sun at noon-day.
. . . . . . .
The three altogether in motion outdo
Any team of their age, the whole canal through.
Should any company try to go by us,
We’ll show them our steam whenever they try us.

While Baker and Walbridge their packets run daily,
Proud Dandy and Jimmie and Charlie so gaily
Will waft all the passengers through the canal
In spite of all others, and in style, so they shall.

Mule team.